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Love at First Whistle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Love at First Whistle

tags: humor, humour, funny, fun, whistle

handout id: 4130
short name: Love at First Whistle
nutshell: joke page.

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Wording of this Handout:

Love at first whistle!

What is this place? It's a whale-way station.

What holds up a train? A train robber.

A see-saw. A sea saw.

Hi-I'm a little nipper!

A light meal.

A heavy meal. 1 ton of lead. "Yum!"


Please help me-I can't find the sea!

"What can you keep and give to someone else?" "I don't know." "A cold."

"Hello-I'm Cinderella, and this is my fancy dressed ball!"

A flying saucer. A flying cup.

"I thought I might catch a cold!" "That was a wet joke!"

What goes oom? A cow talking backwards!

Look! I'm a flying mouse! Thud! Oof!

The bottom of the page.
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