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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Behemoth

tags: dinosaur, behemoth, Job

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short name: Behemoth

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What is it?
In the book of Job, chapter 40,
there is a description of an animal called a "Behemoth"
Here are some of the descriptions of the animal, from Job - what do you think the animal is?

1. It was made at the same time humans were
2. It eats lots and lots of grass
3. It has very powerful legs
4. It has a tail like a huge tree
5. It is strong and covered in muscles
6. It has massive, strong bones
7. It is too big to defeat with a sword
8. It likes to wallow in rivers and pools
9. It is strong enough to swim in swift rivers

an alligator?
an ox?
an elephant?
a hippopotamus
a dinosaur, such as a brachiosaurus?
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