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Crazy page 03

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Crazy page 03

tags: crazy page, humor, fun page, activity sheet, jokes, silly

handout id: 4161
short name: Crazy page 03
nutshell: Joke page.

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Wording of this Handout:

Crazy Page

"You're all heart."

What do you call a really big ant? An eleph-ant.

"Why is there a frog in my bed?" "Because I couldn't find a hedgehog!"


"Sir, I think the enemy is about to shell us!"

"Oh, no! Not another blooming idiot!" "Hi, Dad!"

"Cluck, cluck!" "That was a foul remark."

"I come from Chili."

"Some day my prints will come." Photography. Same day developing.

How long can a donkey stand on one leg? Try it and see!

"Spell mouse trap with three letters." "C-A-T."

I always spell wrong wrong.

"Well, what do you know-the swine flu."
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