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MMag 193 The Wall

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 193 The Wall
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Wording of this Handout:

The WALL A Mighty Mag Publication

Yea Gidday! Wally worm here - have I got a tale for you!

I used to live under the ground you know.... was it DARK! Man it was Dark!!

And I was ignorant! Man was I ignorant!!

I used to do a lot of praying.... not that I was religious, all that carry on......

No, what I used to pray about was God not doing anything for me. I wanted heaps of things, and I wanted God to do a miracle for me - and he never did!

Then, one day, I met this real switched - on worm! He filled me in on the whole scene...


Born again worm


He said I was all wrong about God!

The God I was praying to didn't exist!!

Man! That blew my mind - I'd been talking to my own silly imagination!

The reason I never got through was because I was a sinner.

My sins, and my ignorance, were like walls I had built between me and the true God.

I was ashamed, I asked God to forgive me, and got a Bible, to find out what the true God was really like. Now I'm a switched on worm too!!
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