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054 - Putting out a fire

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 054 - Putting out a fire
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Wording of this Handout:

How to put out a fire.

A pile of wet, smoldering sticks probably won't do much more than smolder. But add a pile of newspapers and things should get going. Even petter, tip a bottle of petrol on the flames and you might just burn yourself to death!

Its like this with quarrels and arguments. All they need to go from a smoldering, smoky thing to a roaring blaze is a bit of fuel. Just say something sharp and nasty, or be sarcastic, and watch the anger grow!

Christians are allowed to speak truthfully and positively, but they are not allowed to deliberately fuel arguments. A good objective debate is fine, but as soon as it swings towards acrimony, anger or bitterness, Christians should close their mouths and leave.

Sometimes this means using tremendous self-control, but God is not quarrelsome, neither was Jesus. They speak the truth when they have to but they don't go looking for arguments, and they certainly don't start them.


Jet Fuel

The Bible says "Don't quarrel with anyone. Be at peace with everyone, just as much as possible."
(Romans 12:18 The Living Bible paraphrase)
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