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043 - Thread

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 043 - Thread
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Wording of this Handout:

One little thread.

Cats can be funny, expecially when the play with a ball of wool. They pounce and bite, kick, spring and roll, and the wool goes everywhere, unraveling across the floor.

But sometimes a cat will get a loop of woo over its neck, or round its leg and tummy, and then the game loses all its appeal. The cat becomes frightened. It may even panic, and struggle to undo the wool, but the more it fights, the tighter the loop holds on. Eventually, the cat will die. Someone has to calm the cat and untie it.

Sin is like this. Let us be very clear here : sin is attractive. It offers pleasure, fun and good things. Sin always comes as a thing to be desired - but it never brings contentment or happiness. Sin is of the body - it offers physical pleasure. Like wool, sinful pleasure can twist itself around you life and become a deadly trap - which only God and you willing heart can undo.

A good rule to keep is never play with sin.

The Bible says "But I see another law in my body, which wars against my mind, and brings me into captivity to the law of sin which is in by body."
(Romans 7:23 New King James Version)
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