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086 - Keep being good

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 086 - Keep being good
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Wording of this Handout:

Keep on being good.

Sometimes this world seems so terrible unfair!

Take the Christian young person who is going well at school, at sport and socially - then he or she goes down with leukemia and dies a year later.

Or the Christian kid who loves hiking, and then gets lost and dies in the bush.

Or the Christian who is accepted into some Academy but on the way there the bus crashes and he or she spends the rest of his or her life in a wheelchair.

Nobody really know why these things happen, and it would be stupid for me to try to say. Life is just like that. There are mysteries all through it, and only GO understands what's going on - and he seldom tells un anything about it.

But what God does tell us is that if we are living for Jesus, nothing happens to us which God is not in direct control of for our blessing

God is in charge! He knows I'm here! whatever happens I'm always his child!

The Bible says "Trust in the Lord, and do good."
(Psalm 37:3 New King James Version)
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