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047 - Who rules your life?

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 047 - Who rules your life?

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short name: 047 - Who rules your life?

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Wording of this Handout:

Who rules your life?

Sometimes I am asked by people for my "sign," that is my star sign. I always refuse to tell them, because what these people want to do is practice astrology on me. I also refuse to listen to horoscopes.

Astrology comes from ancient Egypt, and before that it was practiced before the great flood, which wiped out the earth. The tower of Babel had a tower which reached up to the heavens - which probably means it had the zodiac painted on its sides, or perhaps it was an observatory for astrologers.

People are always inclined to turn away from God, and astrology, palm-reading, necromancy, seances, Ouija boards, horoscopes, and all the hundreds of other ways of telling the future are just symptoms of the same disease.

Christians are commanded to stay away! The Bible tells us everything we need to know - that's where we should spend our time - not dabbling with Satan's false system of future-telling.

God made the stars, so God must be in charge of them!

The Bible says "The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the Lord you God has not permitted you to do so." (Deuteronomy 18:14 New International Version)
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