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092 - Lies

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 092 - Lies
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Wording of this Handout:


What happens when people tell lies?

Firstly they go against their own conscience.
Secondly they set in motion a chain of events which may end up with someone getting hurt or even killed.

You see, God is always truthful. He cannot be anything but truthful. It is as much a part of his nature as is his love, and wisdom, and righteousness. So, logically, when people tell lies, they go against the nature of God.

Lies also spoil things. All the cults and religions in the world resutl from telling of lies (plus a little truth) mixed together. Lies have therefore caused untold suffering to millions of people, because they always restrict people with laws and rules and bondage.

Evolution, Humanism and other deadly philosophies are also lies, which have caused tremendous suffering, mental anguish, and depression to millions.

The whole UFO phenomenon is a lie. Much of the feminist Movement is a lie. Abortion is based on a lie. Communism is based on lies. A lot of advertising is bragging and lying. Everywhere you turn you see the effect of untruths, deceptions and lies.

It wasn't me!


The Bible says "Do not lie to each other."
(Colossians 3:9 New International Version)
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