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094 - Doing good

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 094 - Doing good

tags: doing good, do-gooder, insult, insulting, insulted, insult, compliment, do badder, good, bad, christian, complimented, complimenting

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short name: 094 - Doing good

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Wording of this Handout:

Doing good.

In 1999 I heard a really strange thing. Someone was trying to be insulting to a Christian, and one of the 'insults' was to say "You're just a do-gooder!" This was supposed to be a stinging remark, but when you think about it, its actually a very high compliment.

The opposite to a do-gooder is a do-badder. Is there a need in the world for more do-gadders I wonder. They would be useless people, criminals, vandals, lazy, bludgers... apparently a do-gooder is in some ways worse than a do-badder.

What is a do-gooder? A do-gooder is someone who does good things. He or she is helpful, caring, loving, courteous, useful, kind, considerate, generous, and so on. Yes, its sure a terrible thing to be a do-gooder. It sounds like someone very close to Jesus, who spent his whole life dong nothing but good.

Unfortunately bad people don't like do-gooders, because they show them up. That's why do-badders had Jesus nailed to the cross. That didn't bother Jesus though, because he knew that waiting for him was a reward so great it is impossible to express it in words!

So thank you, whoever you are who calls me a do-gooder. I'm in good company.

Ya - do-gooder!

Yes! Just like my Jesus!

The Bible says "It is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good that for evil."
(1 Peter 3:17 New International Version)
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