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018 - Chrisians at school

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 018 - Chrisians at school
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Wording of this Handout:

Christians at school.

Many years ago I remember hearing about two Christian children who used to go to a local Public Primary school. Many of the other children in the school were so nasty to these Christians that they used to cry as they got off the bus and walked to their home.

Should it surprise us to know that if we are really determined to live for Jesus that other people will make fun of us, or push us from their company, or do things to hurt us?

When we understand that if we are not Christians we are living for self, Satan or world, it makes a lot of sense. Even our best friends can become enemies when we live for Jesus!




God's opinion is much more important to us than theirs.

The Bible promises "All who desire to live (in a godly way for) Jesus will suffer persecution."
(2 Timothy 3:12 New King James Version modified slightly)
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