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108 - Ripe old age

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 108 - Ripe old age

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short name: 108 - Ripe old age

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Wording of this Handout:

A ripe old age?

When Noah finally died, he was nine hundred and fifty years old! Today, we consider it quite a record if someone makes it over one hundred.

There are several theories as to why people lived so long in the days before the great flood, and for a while after it.

One theory is that before the flood the food and the climate were much more conducive to health. It seems that there may even have been some sort of water canopy, or shielding effect around the world, protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun, which may have collapsed and contributed to the great flood.

Another theory is that because all life was so close to its original created kinds, it was still very strong and 'pure' - not like today, with its many hybrids and mixed gene pools.

But whatever the reasons, one thing was certain: everyone died. They may have lived nine hundred and sixty nine years (Methuselah did0 but they died. God said all humans would die, eventually, and they did, and they still do today. Death is built in to us. No-one escapes. Death always wins.

Unless we are Christians.



The Bible says "So all the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years; and he died." (New King James Version).
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