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123 - Joseph in Egypt

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 123 - Joseph in Egypt

tags: ruler, ruled, ruling, slave, slavery, repent, repentant, repenting, brother, family, Egypt, attitude, forgive, forgiveness, forgiven, forgiving, Joseph

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short name: 123 - Joseph in Egypt

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Wording of this Handout:


Joseph in Egypt.

Joseph went to Egypt as a slave, sold there by his brothers, he was suddenly raised to the rank of second in command of Egypt. Now, as a high-ranking official, he was dressed as an Egyptian and given splendid, decorated Egyptian chariot to ride in.

When Joseph's brothers arrived, to by grain, they did not recognize their brother. They probably though he was working somewhere as a slave, or perhaps he was dead. The last thing they ever expected was to see their brother rolling by, all dressed up in fine clothes, second in command of the land of Egypt!!

When Joseph saw his brothers he recognized them straight away, but he did not show himself to them. Why? Because he wanted to know if they were any different on the inside. Were they sorry for what they had done to him?

He pretended he was an Egyptian for a while, until he knew whether he could receive them back as his brothers. God wants to receive you and me as his children too, but we must come to him with the right attitude - the God will show his love and embrace us with all his heart.

Hey! Take that silly disguise off, and clean you bedroom!!

Ha! She caught you!

The Bible says "So Joseph recognized his brothers, but they did not recognize him." Genesis 42:8 (New King James Version)
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