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150 - Don't believe Everything Scientists say!

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 150 - Don't believe Everything Scientists say!

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short name: 150 - Don't believe Everything Scientists say!
nutshell: Scientists sometimes lie.

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Wording of this Handout:

Don't Believe Everything Scientists Say!

Most scientists are honest I think, and most do the best they can with what they have, but there are some scientists who deliberately lie and deceive, so we must always be very careful about what we believe from them.

For example, some scientists actually glued moths to trees to prove something they said happened, and it wasn't till many years afterwards that they were caught out. Another example is a man called Ernest Haekel who drew what he wanted to find, and passed his fake drawings off as scientific.

In 1999 some scientists claimed to have found a fossil reptile with bird wings. They said it was "missing link" between retiles and birds and "proved" that evolution made birds out of reptiles.

But about a year later, some other scientists had a look at the fossil and found that the tail of a lizard had been stuck to the body of a bird! It was an enormous fraud, made of two pieces of rock and a bit of glue.

When the Bible says that God created life, we can believe it. No amount of science can ever change the plain statements of the Word of God, and no fraud should fool us.

Jesus said: "Sanctify them through Your truth; Your Word is truth."
John 17:17
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