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095 - Famous people

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 095 - Famous people

tags: friend, friendly, friendship, Jesus, relationship, Jesus Christ, christian, 2 Timothy, 2 Timothy 1

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short name: 095 - Famous people
nutshell: You can know Jesus personally even though he lived 2000 years ago

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Wording of this Handout:

Famous People

Do you know the queen? You probably don't. But you can say that you know of her. You haven't met her personally, or spent a lot of time with her, or become close friends with her, but you do know about her.

The same could be said about many other famous people.

You know of Sir Edmund Hillary, and Einstein, and Hitler, but you don't actually know them. The are either dead or so distinct from you all you know about them is what you have seen on TV or read somewhere.

Yet Christians can say they know Jesus. This sounds peculiar, because Jesus lived about 2000 years ago. How can anyone say they "know" someone who lived that long ago!

The secret is the "new birth". When we become Christians, we ask Jesus to come into our lives, and from then on we begin to get to know him. Gradually, over the years, through prayer and Bible, we come into a relationship with Him.

The Bible says "I know whom I have believe..." 2 Timothy 1:12
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