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089 - Someone's watching

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 089 - Someone's watching
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Wording of this Handout:

Someone's watching you.

When I was at Christchurch Polytech I chose a seat at the back by the window. This meant I was able to sit in the sun and gaze sleepily out of the window while the lessons went on. Just kidding.

It wasn't long before the whole class figured out that I was a Christian, or religious' as some of them called me, and often the conversation in the class would head into Biblical topics just to get my opinion on things.

But one day something happened which really made me laugh. Someone at the front of the class was talking about a movie which had just come out, and someone swore loudly, the every head in the class turned and I found everyone looking at me for my reaction!

"Don't look at me!" I protested, "Its none of my business what movies you go to!"

But the class wanted to know what I thought of the movie so I gave my opinion.

That's how it is when you are a sincere, committed Christian. People soon realize that you mean what you say, and they value you stand - even if they don't always agree with it. In fact, I think I make more friends as a committed Christian than I ever would if I compromised all the time.

People like to know what I think about things.

Ask me what I think of this bone!

The Bible says "Remember always to live as Christians should." (Philippians 1:27)
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