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068 - White Sheep, Grey Sheep.

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 068 - White Sheep, Grey Sheep.

tags: good, bad, evil, comparison, perfect, pure, flawless, flawed, sin, sinner, contrasted, perfection, comparing, compared, purity, sinned, contrast, contrasting, perfected, Ephesians, ephesians 5, Daily Nibbles

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short name: 068 - White Sheep, Grey Sheep.
nutshell: We only look good or bad with what we are comparing ourselves to.

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Wording of this Handout:

White Sheep, Grey Sheep

Have you ever seen a sheep on a green paddock? They usually look reasonably white - not perfectly white, but quite good.

Now imagine a heavy fall of snow on that same paddock. What do the sheep look like now? Grubby? Dirty?

What has happened? Have the sheep suddenly run away and had a mud bath? No - they were no different. What changed was the background.

It is the same before and after we become Christians. When we are in the world, we see ourselves in contrast to the world, so we feel that we are "not too bad," in fact we sometimes hear people say, "I'm not bad!"

The whole situation changes when we see ourselves compared to Jesus. He is pure and perfect. There is no sin in Him. His love is pure, His promises are absolutely trustworthy. He never falters or fails. Jesus is like the whitest snow, and we, compared to Him, are sinners in need of a good wash!

And that is exactly what God wants to do. He wants to wash away our old life, and make us like Jesus, Which sans we must begin to walk in God's light and not in the world's darkness.

The Bible says, "Walk as children of light."
Ephesians 5:8
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