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128 - Dark hearts

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 128 - Dark hearts

tags: ignore, ignoring, ignored, truth, disbelieve, disbelieved, disbelieving, obvious, evidence, proof, proven, hardhearted, Daily Nibbles, John, John 3

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short name: 128 - Dark hearts
nutshell: People do not like to admit when they are wrong.

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Wording of this Handout:

Dark Hearts

Why do so many people refuse to believe the truth? It is amazing really, how solid the evidence is for such things as the resurrection, the life and times of Jesus, the accuracy of Bible prophesy, the scientific proof supporting creation and a young earth...yet there are people who will just not accept what is staring them in the face!!

One thing which has been shown time after time is that most scientists are human, and therefore biased away from God. This means that, without even realizing it, they make up their minds long before they examine the evidence, which means that whatever they find will be squeezed into their already-made-up ideas.

Take Semmelweis for example. (Semm-el-vice). He was a physician who discovered that if he washed his hands between examining dead bodies and handling new-born babies, infections were drastically reduced. This was before bacteria had been discovered.

But instead of being hailed as a hero, he was ignored by the other doctors and rejected. He was ignored because the medical establishment had already made up its mind that what it couldn't see didn't exist!

Christians are often rejected for the same reason. People do like admitting they are wrong, but God's Word stays correct regardless of their opinions.

The Bible says, "Men loved darkness rather than light."
John 3:19
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