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013 - Clean Glass

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 013 - Clean Glass

tags: reveal, revealing, problem, fault, wrong, bad, sin, forgiven, forgiveness, cleansed, cleansing, glass, clean, walk, Daily Nibbles, Psalm 24, psalm

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short name: 013 - Clean Glass
nutshell: We may think we are fine, but the Lord knows the true state of the heart.

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Wording of this Handout:

Clean Glass

If you wash the dishes, you will probably use soap or detergent, and hot water, and usually you will feel sure that all the rings you wash will come out clean. As you finish each plate or cup, you stack it on the tray to drain and dry.

But sometimes you notices that things made of clear glass are not quite clean. As you hold them up to the light you see all sorts of spots and marks where grease or butter still cling to the surface.

The interesting thing is that you don't notice the blemishes until the light shines through.

It is the same when we come to God. He shines through us, and we see the areas of our life which still need to be changed, and washed, and made clean.

The Bible says, "Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord...he who has clean hands and a pure heart."
Psalm 24:3,4
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