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083 - Do-it-Yourself Christians

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 083 - Do-it-Yourself Christians

tags: Genuine, real, reality, ingenue, fake, phony, phoniness, act, acting, counterfeit, acceptance, fruit of the Spirit, fruit, fruitfulness, john 15, John, Daily Nibbles

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short name: 083 - Do-it-Yourself Christians
nutshell: Christians are known by how they live, not just what they say.

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Wording of this Handout:

Do-it-Yourself Christians

There are real things and there are fake things. We see this on TV every night - computer generated images which look like reality but aren't . We see actors (fake people) spurting (fake) blood, and having enormous (but fake) crashes in cars. We may have handled counterfeit (fake) money. We may have seen a forgery (fake) hanging in an art gallery. We hear of athletes winning medals, but we later learn that their energy was partly fake because they used drugs.

In amongst Christians there are fakes too - people who say they are Christians but who are not really living for Jesus. In their hearts they are more interested in the things of the world, but they like people to think they are Christians. Sometimes it means popularity or acceptance, or even a position in a job they want, or perhaps favor in a boy's or girl's eyes.

The way to find out if a person is a real or a fake Christian is to look at their life. It's a bit like looking at a fruit tree and checking the fruit. If the fruit is good, then the person is tapped into Jesus, but if the fruit is worldliness, bad habits, bad behaviour, lack of submission to God, arrogance and so on...well, you know what that means.\\The Bible says, "A branch can't produce fruit when severed from the vine Nor can you be fruitful apart from me (Jesus)."
John 15:4
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