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Caroling Craft - inside

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Caroling Craft - inside

tags: Christmas, craft, choir, caroling, carol, singing, sing, coloring

handout id: 4388
short name: Caroling Craft - inside
nutshell: Inside of caroling craft

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Wording of this Handout:

Cut out all the pieces.
Fold the back picture.
Fold the flaps up on the triangular base and glue together.

When yo have cut the choir piece, fold the flaps back, and then bend it slightly so the 'v' shape gap is closed. The slight curve helps the picture stand up better.

Banners go on LAST.
They go in these positions.

Finally, cut out all the two banners.
Fold them and glue LAST across the front of the mode.
download this handout