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Why Do We Require a Membership to Contact Artist?

First, we allowed artists to published their email addresses on ChristArt so that people could contact them. But this got abused by automated email scrapers that spidered our site and published the collected addresses to nefarious email lists.

Then we used a contact form that emailed the message to the artist with the inquirers email address set as the reply email. Unfortunately this is frowned upon by most email readers and the sent emails ended up in SPAM folders.

Then we set a ChristArt email address as the reply address and noted in bold in the email what address to reply to. But most artists just click on the 'reply' button in their email readers and their replies came back to us instead of to the inquirers. We didn't want to read anyones email or have to forward them.

Now we use a messaging program that requires a login to access your messages. Whenever a new message is created the receipent is sent an email that alerts them of their new message at ChristArt. This is why we require a membership to contact a artist. As complex as it is, it's the simplest way we've found to protect the interest of our artists and insure that their messages were being delivered.