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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

Tears in Crystal Vials
The Sovereign Lord will wipe the tears from our faces.
Weep No More
When we become His children we are given a new life; a new beginning. He will heal our hearts and dry all our tears.
The Dusty Old Book winner of poetry contest
We should read our Bibles - the Living Word of God - not let them lie on our shelves collecting dust.
A Time and Season for All Things
A poem based on Ecclesiastes 3.
This Child
When we accept Christ as our personal Saviour, we become children of the Living God.
God Cares
God cares about things both big and small.
Christmas Around the World
Some people celebrate a cold Christmas; others a warm or hot one. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, though. What matters is that we honor and celebrate Jesus on His special day.
Peerless Prince of Peace
A poem about Jesus, the Prince of Peace.
Strong In You, Lord
The Lord is my strength - when I am weak, He is strong.
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