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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

Man's Plans vs God's Plans
When our carefully laid out plans fail it might be that we were not in God's will, and that He wants to change our plans.
Give Me Your Sons
I wrote this poem after watching the television series titled "The World at War".
Neon Lights winner of poetry contest
Colorful neon lights (representing the allure of worldly pleasures) invite and tempt unwary souls to places where they are trapped into sin.
Sound Advice
A children's poem.
Good Enough
A poem teaching children that they are acceptable to God just as they are.
Heed His Watchmen
God appoints prophets as watchmen to warn His children of danger, and we need to heed what they say.
A Vision of Heaven
This is the true account of a vision I had of heaven when I was a young Christian.
Teach Me
A poem about asking God to teach us to walk in His ways.
One April Morning
A poem about salvation.
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