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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

Life Passes Swiftly
Life is short; use your time wisely by serving God.
The Way to the Father
Jesus is the only Way to the Father.
God is Near
A children's poem.
Beneath His Wings
When we're in trouble we can run to Jesus. He is our Rock and our safe hiding place.
The Angel of Block 10
A poem about Dr. Joseph Mengele and what he did at Auschwitz Birkenau during the WWII
A Worthy Vessel
Growth can be painful, but it is necessary. We should remember to look to Jesus as our source of strength and protection when we go through trials and tribulations.
Thank You So Much, Lord.
Thanking God for all He has given me.
Come Back
A call for backsliders to turn back to God.
The Book
You'll do well to take a look within the pages of the Book to find out where you're coming from; to learn about God and His Son.
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