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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

Every Thursday Morning
A true story about a little boy who's parents are divorced.
Something's A-Coming
A poem about the end times.
Give and Take
We need to be able to give and take, not only give or only take.
Lords of the Night
I leave for work shortly after sunrise while many dog packs still roam the streets of Asuncion where I live. This poem came to me as I was watching them one morning.
I Am Grateful He Came
I am so grateful that Jesus paid the price in my stead.
Arrows in His Hand
(March 21 is World Poetry Day. I am posting this poem in the hope that it might encourage God's poets. God bless you all.)
Fright Night winner of poetry contest
A children's poem.Children are often afraid of the dark. This poem teaches them that they are never alone: God's Spirit is always with them, and He will send His angels to guard and protect them while they sleep.
The Master Painter
This poem came to me as I was admiring my moonlit garden recently.
Made With Love
God made everything beautiful for our enjoyment.
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