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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

I Have Never Touched Snow
Though I've never touched snow It is cold, I know;Though I've not seen our Lord I believe in His Word.
In the Belly of the Beast
This is a poem based on a vision I had some years back.
Gazing Out Her Window
How many people 'out there' are saved?
Lean On Me
A story about a friend in need, and a friend indeed. An analogy.
The Winter of My Soul
A poem about a soul's degeneration, followed by it's regeneration in Christ.
Encircled by Your Love
A poem about a Christians' desperate desire to be close to Jesus; to be 'encircled by His love'.
Tears in Crystal Vials
The Sovereign Lord will wipe the tears from our faces.
Weep No More
When we become His children we are given a new life; a new beginning. He will heal our hearts and dry all our tears.

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