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Poems by Brett Barton

Without your light
a short poem about a time I strayed from God as we all do from time to time
Bring the Rain
A poem about knowing something is coming and me asking God to give me the strength to have faith to stand my ground and weather the storm
Our Cowboy church
A poem written to promote our cowboy church we do once a month.
The war
A poem I wrote about recognizing the war raging in and around us all the time and how some choose to overlook and how some of us choose to be warriors.
I am who I am
Just a reflection of sorts of how God has made me who I am and that he made me in his image.
My Message
While reading a devotional God laid these words on my heart about what message I spread to the world and what message others might have
Running Away
A poem about facing my demons and challenging them. This is also a part of a series of poems that are about spiritual warfare and is the prelude to "The Fight"
Christmas Gift
Remembering the best gift of all.
Don't give up on me
Just a poem admitting my faults and asking for God's understanding
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