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Poems by Deborah Ann Belka

Give the Gift of Joy
Let it rise and shine out of you throughout the year ~
The Gift of Faith
Tis the season to share your faith in Jesus!
The Gift of Peace
Make sure you share the peace that Jesus brings with others this year ~
You Don't Have to Be a Magi
The light of Jesus shines for all to see, no matter who or where you are!
The Gift of Self-Control
Just one of the many gifts we can give that won't cost a thing!
My Sherherd Calls
What sweet music it is to my ears . . .
A Merry Heart
A daily dose of God's grace, mercy and love!
Thanksgiving Day Prayer winner of poetry contest
A prayer for my family this year and every year to come
I Will Praise God's Word
For it is the only one I believe in
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