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Poems by Gertrude Jefferies

Sometimes we allow people to put so much emphasis on who are parents were, where we came from and what we did or do for a living, that sometimes we forget who we are in Christ Jesus.
The Anchor Holds
Many times we go through storms or trials, were it not for faith in Almighty God, we would not make it through and come out victoriously.
Don’t Do It
God's Word gives us many examples of the costs of sin and disobedience. This story leaves us making a choice to do it God's way or our way. There are alway consequences.
Follow That Path
Christmas and Easter go together. We can't have one without the other. Christ needed to be born so that he could die for us. I am so glad he came and willingly followed the path to Golgotha.
Consecrate Me Once Again
Every once in a while we need to reassess where we are in the Lord. It is so easy to get bogged down with 'stuff' that we find ourselves sometimes following afar. I just needed to get closer in my relationship
To My Special Friend
sometimes in the plan of God, we go through things we don't understand,as my friend is now, but this one thing is certain, God is in control; we can trust even though we don't understand. God is faithful right to the end.
Compassion winner of poetry contest
I've seen so many hurts because of wagging tongues and pointing fingers, but how would Jesus treat these same people? I think with love and compassion, and we need to follow his example a little more as we deal with one another.
This is Were I Am
There are times when we don't know where we're going or how we're going to get there, that's when we take that "big step" of faith and hold tight to Father's hand.
It Was All Planned
For those who think the cross was a surprise to God, think again. From the beginning of creation, The Trinity knew and was prepared for the death of Jesus on the Cross. I for one, am so thankful that He was willing to die in my place.
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