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Poems by Gertrude Jefferies

Vessels of the Master
In the kindom of God, we are all different with many different ministries and talents, but all equal in the sight of God.
Shattered Dreams
It is so easy to be fooled into thinking the fast lane of life, means 'we've made it big.' All to often it leaves us with shattered dreams, and broken, ruined lives.
Who�s Image
It is so important that we live the Gospel, as well as tell it. God needs his children to be the gospel in action as much as in words.
God's Plans
It is very OK to make plans for our lives, but God has plans for us that we can never imagine. Read Jer.29:11 and he has the last word on our plans, if we are his children and our lives are in his hand.
Having A Real Bad Day
Sometimes life sucks, and it seems like we'll never make it. That's the time we need to just shut ourselves in with the Master, for a fresh tune up and infilling.
Life�s Song winner of poetry contest
Someone said "life is a song", but for each of us, we sing in different keys, scores,timings and compositions, but however we sing, Someone is there to sing along with us in whatever way we need Him.
Wearing masks never make problems go away, only hides them. God is there to help us with guidance and direction in all that we go through, no matter how bad or painful, He will never leave us or forsake us in our trials and troubles.
A Train For Christmas
Something fictional based on some very true Christmas memories.
The New Born
I often wonder how Mary felt holding her new born Son, and did she fully understand the future ahead of this little one in her arms.
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