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Poems by Gertrude Jefferies

My Heart’s Greatest Desire
When we stand before the Lord, it will be a most solemn time. How I want to hear Him say, Well done.......
The Mission winner of poetry contest
Jesus said, He came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance, sometimes we want to only minister to the "better class of people" and ignore those who we consider "unworthy" of our ministries. God help us to remember Jesus died for ALL man
Christmas Gift
Just another reminder of the greatest gift of all. God's Son.
Life’s Song
Life for each one of us is a different story, and how we handle what God has handed out, or allowed to be our lot, make for a beautiful song, or a dirge.
The Real Reason For Christmas
Too often we get so caught up with getting ready for Christmas, that we forget what or why we have this season.God help us to remember it much more than parties, presents, friendships.
Laying His Glory Aside
The story of the greatest gift on earth,cannot be improved on, just retold in many different ways.
Fresh Wind
There are times when the going is hard and we just need that extra "push" from the Holy Spirit to keep us going.
On Life’s Journey
We talk about sailing the sea of life, and for some it's smooth sailing all the way, it seems, and for other the weather is stormy all the way, but we have a Pilot who can take us safely home no matter what the weather on our journey.
Sidewalks Cracks
Sin leaves many consequences behind, but thank God, he cleanse every the tiniest of the stain of consequence.
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