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Poems by Jeff Bidiman

Gears winner of poetry contest
I recently learned a valuable (and painful) lesson on what happens when we choose to let our feelings gain control over our hearts and as I examined what I had been taught this poem came to me.
Faith for the Climb
I wrote this after reading Psalm 121. I pray it gives witness to God's love to whoever needs encouragement at this time of year.
Alive! winner of poetry contest
I was inspired to write this after reading Ephesians 2: 1 - 7. It fills me with so much gratitude every time I read it.
I Will Sing of Salvation
A poem of joyful surrender, worship and praise.
Spiritual Eyes winner of poetry contest
When the storms of life upset our journey we know we will reach the shore when we keep our eyes on Jesus.
My Love Will Come
These words were placed in my heart after hearing so many reports of teen bullying across the country and in my community.
Let your light shine upon the face of man.
Keep Watch and Pray
I was pondering Gethsemane when this poem came to mind.
To Have Been There
What would it have been like to witness creation?
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