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Poems by Jeff Bidiman

Tell Me All About It
Sometimes when we are hurting we tend to lash out at others, but if we turn our pain over to God, He will give you the comfort that the world is unable to supply.
The Lake Trail winner of poetry contest
This came to me during a walk in the park.
The Sleeping Child
This is just something I pondered while my daughter was napping.
This is about the struggles we face and the blessings that come from sharing Gods love.
His Thirst
Why would our Savior wait until He was ready to commit His spirit before uttering these two words?
The Calling Star
This was written to describe how we could feel if we succumb to the calling of the Lord, giving up our pride to kneel in prayer.
My Sweet Sorrow
I was inspired to write this after reading 2 Corinthians 12:10. I think it is a good way to view things during these troubled times.
I came up with this during a long drive one evening, that took me through the beginning and end of a beautiful sunset.
In December's Wood
This poem was written to remind myself that even through all of our trials, God is watching over us and He does care.
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