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Poems by Kathleen Higham

Yes or No
My Father God longs to give me peace. Just say yes to Him and feel Him take the burden...
I Must
I do not know if God will ever give me another piece to write as important as this one. I did not know the complete message myself, until I read beyond the planned Scripture of Ephesians 4:30 to Ephesians 4:31-32.
A Cry
I believe we are born to die. Our life begins with a cry. I know that we have eternal life with Christ and our last breath takes us to the beginning of this life forever. Just ask Jesus to be your friend...
Take Heart
I have been remiss in my submissions on this lovely site where my very first poem was born. Thank you for helping me grow in my writing...
Yes or No
Here is a poem for those who cry out to God for His peace. He longs to give it to you...
Life is an Amazing Journey
The older I get the less I talk. I am closer to God near the end of my walk. Thank you Lord for this amazing journey. with You...
Make Me Over to the Extreme
Sometimes I get weary and complain of the constant requests from others to give. Then I humbly asked God for an extreme makeover. He has blessed me with so much that I don not need to ask others for financial help and I am thankful...
The Splintered Mirror
Look into the mirror and see if it is God looking back at you. Remember He is with you always through every sorrow.
He Never Changes
I have learned in my walk with God that He never changes. Do not put your faith in man, but always in Him believe, By faith...
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