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Poems by Kathleen Higham

I Am Here
I am here to write because God thinks it good. So, in awe of Him, I write His words that come so often to my heart.
Early Morning
This is a birthday message to my friend, a friend who rises each moring to see the sun and thank God for her life.
Hold Me
A precious friend confided in me that one night she felt filled with despair. She lay in her bed unable to say or do anything, but in that moment she whispered to God, “Please Hold Me.” Then my friend tells me that a white light filled the air and she co
In His Dreams
I wrote this for a little boy in our church who has bone cancer. This 11 year old child has faith that God will heal him and so do we. Please pray for PJ.
For every poem God's gives to me I am awed to sign my name as... His, Kathleen.
The Last Half Hour
Lord I am so thankful for my life and long to please use until the very end. Let me stay close to You until the last half hour. For we truly do not know when You will come...
Praise Him More
Therefore, I long to PRAISE HIM MORE! I long to PRAISE HIM MORE because Jesus said, “It is finished.” All our prayers, our hopes, our needs, and our dreams are in His hands. Oh I long to PRAISE HIM MORE as I trust in my Father God. For that is what my p
An Angel Sings
God will send the smallest creature to display His compassion and love for us. The hummingbird, His most delicate creation is one of many gifts from Him.
Turn Around
Sometimes when we walk on furrowed ground it is hard to believe in Him, but if you turn around you will see His glory in your walk. Trust in Him when all seems dim. Turn around...
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