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Poems by Kathleen Higham

Early Morning
This is a Birthday poem I wrote for my friend who is a doctor. She rises every morn to see the sunrise and thank the Lord for this day. As we grow older we begin to appreciate the sunset and the fact that we awakened once again to the "Early Morning."
Even when we are fearful and afaid to go into the trenches and speak His Word, our God will come anytime,anyplace, anywhere...Our God will be there.
The Pretty Pray-er
Our Pastor teaches on Salvation and prayer. Then Pastor Scott calls our God a pretty pray-er. He prays for us! What a beautiful and comforting thought to know my God prays for me...
Life Is Not What it Seems
Only God knows our heart and He so mercifully scarred His heart for us. When we finally see Him our scarred hearts become one. Life is not what it seems, but without Jesus there is no life at all...
Would You
Tomorrow is Christmas. It is my prayer that you would not be a stranger to Our Lord and Savior.It is my prayer that you would call Him, FRIEND...
I met an unbeliever, a man of science. I pray that God's Word would come to this man and he would know our King and Lord, Jesus Christ.I pray that he would accept the gift ofthe birth of our Savior and the reason Christ died for all...
If you have not begun your day with “Today” it is time to open up your heart, mind, and soul to hear His voice—allow Him to make “Today” become tomorrow and forever yours. Have you and Jesus met? Have you had your “Today” yet?
God and I
I am forever bound to God. Nothing can separate me from His love. No matter where I go, or what I do, my Savior watches over me from above. It was the miracle of His life and then His excruciating death on the Cross that brought to me salvation.
I am drawn to the depth of the sea. This time of year it seems to call to me. Peace, calm, quiet, rest, sweet serenity. In my dreams tears carry me to my one true friend. Who could this be that created such a gift as the sea? It is He…
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