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Poems by Kathleen Higham

Lord Have Your Way
Jim and I took a walk in the park yesterday. We talked about life and growing older. Some days are a struggle, yet we long to live in a world that is spinning madly out of control. I wish I could go back and make wiser decisions, but I cannot.
Fear is faulty emotion and reaction. God does not want us to fear. He wants us to trust in Him and give Him control. Our Father prays for us and He is mighty!
I Decided
Every day is a day of decisions, but your life will never be the same if you ask the Lord to help you, then pray in His name. I ran countless races hoping to challenge the best, but one day I decided to ask Christ into my heart. Won the race, at last.
No More
Did you ever awaken to a cold rainy day and ponder -- How much more? How much more? Life can be painfully difficult at times. Aging seems to immortalize pain and doubt. How much more can be a weighty question, but God says, "No More."
When Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall
This is my favorite time of year. There is vibrancy in the air, yet the formal attire of the tree is changing. Colors bursting before my eyes vivid and bright, but soon all the leaves will fall and I shall think of Him most of all.
I Shall Not be Idle
A poem about a Christian woman well into her 80's who still works,teaches, and ministers at her church and has instilled these wonderful work ethics into her children, as God her Father instilled in her.
The Epiphany
A friendof mine who is a surgeon learned when his child was born with Down's Syndrome that he can't always fix people, but God surely can...It was an epiphany to this this lovely man that has made him a great physician and healer.
Heaven on Earth
God does not want us to live a life of misery. He wants to give us everthing we need here on earth...
To His Light
Still, still with You, when the purple morning breaksWhen the birds awake, and the shadows flee;Fairer than morning, lovelier than daylight,Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.Harriet Beecher Stowe
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