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Poems by Rob Dilworth

Choose Love winner of poetry contest
With every encounter, we have a choice.
The eclipse had an unexpected spiritual impact on me. It reminded me of how easily the darkness of this world seems to blot out the light. But hope remains because the darkness will pass and God's light will shine again.
Mountain winner of poetry contest
Sometimes our troubles seem overwhelming, but we need to keep things in perspective.
Words Are Free
My words are free before I know and now I want them back.
In Jesus' Hands
What I bring is never enough, but when I place it in Jesus' hands anything is possible.
At times we are our number one critic and our own worst enemy.
Sunflower winner of poetry contest
This mighty flower stands above all others of the field
The Rightful King
Imagine going back with the knowledge you have now and being able to witness Jesus's death and resurrection.
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