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Poems by Robert Hedrick

As The New Year Disappears
As we celebrate the upcoming New Years' Day, there's a thought to keep in mind. This is, it may not be around for 365 days.Jesus may return before it is complete.
Follow The Leader
As we witness to the lost, we should have an ample supply of scripture to explain what God requires to be saved.
The Last Season
This poem attempts to describe the four seasons that God has put into existence and providing beauty beauty comes from each one.
An Inside Look
When Jesus, The True Light , came into my heart, life became so much brighter.
Reality Reigns
In a world filled with fantasy that comes from so many sources, sometimes I'm afraid that reality is put aside and the make believe becomes all too real. However, when we stand before our Judge, more than at any time in the past, reality will reign.
My Safe Place
I am thankful that I have a safe place to worship and praise God with other believers as we join together in one accord to serve Him.
Lets Just Say
More than likely there are many people who have heard that Jesus will return some day, yet they have not prepared for this event. The time for them to prepare is now as my poem attempts to say..
A Heaven Bound Possession
While we can gather many possessions in this life, there will be only one of value that we can take with us into eternity and this is salvation..
The In Between
All life has a beginning and an end,. It is those things that happen in between making a difference for eternity.
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