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Poems by Robert Hedrick

The Battle Will Be Won
Throughout my lifetime there have been wars and conflicts between America and other countries. Peace came for a while, then more fighting, Someday, however, there will be a final one, just before Jesus returns.
It's A Shame winner of poetry contest
There are times when I tend to brag a little and know that I have not right to do so, for God deserves all of the credit, not me, Then too, I complain some and this is uncalled for. I am too well blessed to complain about things.
Hold On Tight
A poem saying that if are in a relationship with Jesus, then hold on tight for Satan will be doing his very best to get your attention.
He Will Fulfill
A poem with bible verses that tell of God's love for each of us and the rewards He has for all who trust and obey Him.
The Times Time Will Tell
There are times when the truth does not come out right away, but in most cases time will tell.
Looking Down to Look Up winner of poetry contest
There are times when we who are Christians, look the other way and fail to see what God has for us to do.
As Faith Grows
As faith grows, love grows and where love grows, God goes.
Life's Greatest Moment winner of poetry contest
The greatest moment any life can have is when Jesus is accepted into it. A new lifebegins as the old has passed.
The Door To Jesus
Many times in life we will walk through the door that Satan opens, for he makes it inviting and tempting. Yet Jesus said that there is one He will open if we will knock. The choice is ours.
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