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Poems by Robert Hedrick

My Peace Provider
Through my relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior, I can always find peace in any situation I may be in.
Yes, Jesus
While we have been given the abilities to do many things in this life, it is the hand of Jesus that will take us far beyond our capabilities.
Storing God's Word
When a person becomes a Christian, the more of God's Word they get into their hearts and minds, the better the soul winning will be.
God Will
God is able to change the direction of lives that have taken the wrong path. Trust in Jesus and let God work in your life.
Successful Endings
Often situations arise causing conflicts between people and through time and trials there are successful endings.
Loving Ourselves
We are told in God's word to love others as we love ourselves. To do this, then we need to examine the love we have for our self. Is it the same God recommends?
Inspiration Received
The most important event in my life was my second birth. However Jesus was not through with me at that point for He continues to inspire me today to praise Him for all that He does and will do.
Sin Freedom
Jesus died for all the sins of the world. Great or small, He died for them all. All but one. He said the only unforgiven sin is denying The Holy Spirit.
Beyond The Manger
In the Christmas season it appears that many people see the baby in the manger and never see the cross where He died for their sins.
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