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Poems by Robert Hedrick

Life Ever After
No matter what we might believe, when life on this earth has come to an end and it will for all, it's far from over.
Between Now and Then
A poem describing how we put things off till another time, saying I'll do it sometime between now and then. Thruth is, then may never get here.
I Came
I find that the messages I hear in church gives me a better understanding of what I've read earlier in the bible.
A Fitting Description
A poem describing people that have a Christ-like quality in the manner of life that they live.
A Prayer Request
Christians are given the privilege and the duty to pray for others. We should do so as often as the need arises.
Life is Eternal
God created the life that dwells on earth and someday He will take it away.
Christmas Love
The satisfaction of looking back on Christmas after we have shared with those who have fallen on hard times.
Creation and Christmas
In the beginning, as God created the world and all that's in it, He knew there would be a Christmas day.
Continuing Christmas
It seems that man is trying his best to do away with Christmas and to label it as just another holiday. Christians are the only hope in keeping it for future generations.
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