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Poems by Annie B

As Long is God my God
All hopes, dreams, and prayers are only hopeful as long as God is my God.

Come Lord Come
Though my sins are many, along with the fears of today - through God's grace, I anxiously wait for my Savior

Life Creator, Life Redeemer
Through His grace alone, we can declare that we are the children and heirs of His Kingdom.

Waiting for You
This is a prayer to our Lord while, at the same time, it is praise for His promise of coming soon.

The Blessing
While we run the race, we need the Gospel as our only uggage.

The Lord Ascends in Triumph
The best we can do is to: Hang in there because Jesus is one day closer; be persistent in prayers; and pray like crazy! Let's go serve our King!

A Day of Rest,
In Hebrews 4,, we are promised to live in God's Sabbath Rest, while on Earth. Wow! That is what I want for us; andwe can live in that promise through the Holy Spirit

He was not Willing
Go out and serve our King!

He Comes with Clouds Descending
Waiting and praising all the time until we see Him face-to-face. Knowing what He promised keeps our hearts looking and yearning. No matter how we go, we are one step closer.