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Poems by Annie B

poem count: 45 | pages: 5 | finalist: 7 times
The Visitation
Right now we live in a place where Satan is the "Prince of the Air." Every moment is the opportunity for Spiritual Warfare.... until we are promised a victorious visit from our Lord Jesus Christ.

I cannot wait until I can see blessings upon blessings given me, whether I see it now or not.

My Vision
It is because of our Redeemer's ressurrection, we have an appetite for eternity with Him. It is because the death of Jesus Christ, we can hope for eternity with Him; because He died for our sins.

King of Our Souls
Since the beginning of time, and the eternity beyond - Christ is our Guide. Jesus Christ is our All in All. Jesus will always be our All in All.

Through the grace of God, by the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we no longer need be fearful of God's judgement and wrath. We can rejoice and will rejoice when His Truth becomes ours.

My Lord, My Savior
This simple truth is the stronghold and all the strength Believers will ever need.

Psalm 51
It is overwhelming when I realize that we can always go to the Throne of Grace.

The Lamb's Conquering Feast
No matter when it seems that the enemy has won the fight, it is vital that His Believers remember that the Fight has already been won.

His Path to Glory
It is a victory chant, of sorts. The poem begins with the path of sorrows and ends with His Resurrection.