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Poems by Bob Peterson

poem count: 31 | pages: 4 | first place: 3 times | second place: 1 time | finalist: 18 times
Christmas on the Mission field
Christmas in far off lands may not seem the same as we remember it but it still points us to the gift God gave many years ago.

Noah's Neighbor finalist in poetry contest
The story of Noah told for the viewpoint of his next door neighbor.

Open to All first in poetry contest
The story of the Good Samaritan.

Here and Now
Marriage vows before God

The story of Martha and Mary

How do I Say Goodbye?
Seeking God's help in loosing a loved one

Open Door
We can turn to Christ in our darkest times and find a savior who is ready to welcome us.

I Just Want to be with You (2)
Our problems tend to fade when we are in God's presence.