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Poems by Carol Connell

Write My Life
God is the greatest poet, and He is engaged each day in writing our life's story.

Mini Monoverse Story of Zacchaeus second in poetry contest
A little tribute to a short man that big time repented after an encounter with Jesus

The Gilded Leaves Of Autumn Sigh
There is nothing more important than being ready to meet the Lord. No matter if we try to wish it away or ignore it, death is a certainty for all, as illustrated in this personification of leaves.

The Raging Mama Bear
This is a tribute to prayer warrior mothers.

Pleasant Perk Of Aging
Although there are aches and pains involved, growing older does have its perks when you are walking with Jesus.

Don't Get Caught Up On The Whys
Trusting God is our best option in times of difficulty.

Happy Fall
A poet beholds God’s goodness through the beauty of fall.

Foolishness Or The Power Of God
We have a choice when it comes to our response to the preaching of the cross.