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Poems by ceeteeaye

The Silences of Easter first in poetry contest
I've recently submitted a poem, written this year on Silent (Easter) Saturday about the silence of the day between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. However, last year, I wrote about the various silences over the entire Easter period...

The Silences of Saturday
Holy Saturday is a day of silence in the Easter story. Max Lucado writes about the Silence of Saturday... voices are silent, there is a pause between climactic events... this poem reflects on those silences.

Who's responsible?
Thoughts triggered by a walk down a street in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa.

This poem emerged in the middle of a spiritual crisis, where I knew what God required but was reluctant to submit.

Nick's Nightime Natter
Based on the story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night in John 3 - as a conversation between two disciples looking on...

So, this is Christmas? first in poetry contest
A light-hearted look - with a serious point - at how we lose focus at Christmas and about Christmas.

Thoughts of You
Sat in my office on a mission station as the sunshine streamed through the (uncurtained) window, and it inspired these thoughts.

The Cost
In a world where we are encouraged to be self-absorbed, and seek a life of comfort and ease, this poem presents my personal struggle against those secular values and accept the challenge of Luke 9:23 to "take up my cross".

The Morning Breaks...
Based on my experience that daylight often brings a different perspective on things and often, a reminder of that bright & cloudless morning.