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Poems by ceeteeaye

In Gratitude
Written on Easter Day, 1983, after my first 3 months of ministry drove me to the point of despair and, on the point of resignation, I was reminded of what we had just celebrated - the Passion of Jesus. It led to me reconsecration through this poem.

It is Finished!
Based on the greek word, "tetelestai" which means 'the work is completed'.

Written about the time of Nelson Mandela's release and as a South African, I was inspired by the thought of an even greater freedom than freedom from the tyranny of Apartheid.

The Ministry of the Spirit
During a very difficult period - my wife was seriously ill - I attended a holiness retreat where a sermon was preached on the ministry of the Spirit. It inspired the poem.

Blessings through Brokenness (God's Alabaster) first in poetry contest
Inspired by a sermon preached by my friend, Ray Baddams, on the alabaster jar, I was led to think about the blessings we receive because of Christ's broken body.