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Poems by Dave Mudford

poem count: 134 | pages: 15 | first place: 2 times | finalist: 19 times
Don't End with Sometimes
Sometimes we get it wrong. Always His grace is ours. The idea for this poem came after reading Kristine Stanton's excellent poem entitled "Sometimes" which can be found on ChristArt.

A Faded Portrait
Many people are suffering through dementia - a cruel disease. Many faithful servants are needing our prayers and support through this painful time. May we honor them by caring for them and listening to their cries for help.

Closer Than You Think
Sometimes we are in pain and are longing for a miracle. Take a careful look - as it may be closer than you think.

Different Shades
Sometimes the shadows of our compromise can remove the living color of God's truth. Yet God's grace can transform our brokenness bringing His light and hope into our lives.

The Power of Words
Words have great impact. Words are the overflow of our hearts. We need to fill our hearts with God's goodness.

His Precious Living Gems
We often struggle to see the beauty God has created within us. This poem explores a father and daughter who struggle to see their true value and the disconnection that occurs. They fail to see they are God's precious living gems.

Forgetting Who God Is
We often forget who God is. When faced we struggles and trials, do we remember all that God is - Do we recognise The father heart of God. This poem is a sequel to the poem "Who God Is"

Refuge of His Grace
Some seasons of life are simply hard. However whatever the season is we can rest safe in the refuge of God's grace. Through the hard we can still taste and see that God is good!

Be Careful Where you Wander
So often we wander away from God's refuge. We become lost, unsure and disconnected. Time for us to remain in our real home with God.