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Poems by Dave Mudford

poem count: 58 | pages: 7 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 5 times
Raise a Hallelujah
Whether life is hard or good it is time to raise a hallelujah, because that will always help us to have a godly perspective. It will allow us to see more clearly all the beauty of His grace.

Precious in His Eyes
Written from the perspective of the woman who suffered bleeding for 12 years. Written after watching her story portrayed in "The Chosen". Unclean, lonely, shamed for so long, she not only found healing in Jesus, she found love and acceptance.

My Daily Struggle
Our pain and troubles help us to realize we need to depend on God

Open for Healing
Explores the reason that I write.

Contrast of Words
Explores the contrast between my careless words and God's perfect words

Song Refreshed
He has given each of us a new song to sing. Don't forget to sing along!

The Intimacy of Prayer
Sometimes I hear that prayer is just talking to God; I believe it is so much more. In life it is more effective when we engage with people not just talk to. The same with God; we need to engage with Him in prayer. The intimacy we'll find is life changing

I was There; Now I am Here
Without God we sit alone - with Him we never sit alone. This poem looks at the contrast between them.

Weary Soul
Living out of our efforts will make our soul weary. Time to be refreshed - time to accept Jesus's invitation "Come to Me"